The way to settle medical collaboration over time

Collaborate easily with doctors. Develop personalised answers to complex or rare clinical situations you encounter.

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You often have to adapt clinical guidelines to your patients.
Whatever difficulties you encounter in your practice, others face them.
We help you to collaborate and share your experience.
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Collective intelligence dedicated to medical practice

Together, adapt and personalize medical care

Information and communication technologies opened new ways for collaboration.
To build the answer to complex clinical situations, take the opportunity to interact with the right people.

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Share to improve medical practice

Publish your decision-making arguments, findings, and outcomes. Let the community benefit from your experience.

An intuitive solution tailored to your needs

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Accessible 24/7

Available when you are and when you need

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Private & Secure

Thanks to data anonymization

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Funded by the community, free of any conflicts of interest

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Dedicated to collaborative medicine

One tool, one objective: support your practice

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Open to all medical specialties

Develop inter-disciplinarity to improve patient care

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Community Driven

Attentive to your needs and opinions, today and tomorrow

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Curisprudence is designed with and for healthcare professionals. Our mission is to assist practitioners towards a global collaborative medical practice.

Curisprudence is currently available in beta mode, free of charge for all healthcare professionals. Our ambition is to develop the collaborative tool of the future based on the needs of the medical community. We are convinced that digital technology can become a major ally in collaborative medical practice. And we have a long way to go to get there! We work every day to improve Curisprudence in partnership with the healthcare professionals who trust us.

Today, Curisprudence is funded by its founders, before the upcoming launch of its Premium version.

Get on board!

We grow every day thanks to your advice and support based on reciprocal trust between your colleagues, you and us.
Here, your voice carries a weight. Your experience counts.
Help us to do better tomorrow.

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